Bubba Bear's RAAD and RACC campaigns!

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Bubba Bear's Race Against ALHEIMER'S DISEASE and Race Against CHILDHOOD CANCER: 

RACE FANS INC. / UNLIMITED is leading the way to find a cure for the diseases that afflict our YOUNG and OLD in the world today.  We have been supporting childhood cancer research for two years now through an affiliation with St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, TN.  And, because of some slight success with the RACC campaign... we have been approached and asked to do a similar campaign to benefit ALZ'S RESEARCH through an affiliation with the ALZHEIMER'S ASSOCIATION (www.alz.org ).  So,... Race Fans Inc. / Unlimited and Bubba Bear have joined together again to conduct the Bubba Bear's RAAD campaign and the RACC campaign from this day forward!

Now then... here is where you, the RACE FANS can make a huge difference in the research of these dreaded diseases! Obviously, it takes money... and lots of it to find a cure for both of these diseases... so I am appealing to you to please make and fulfill your pledges to support both RACC and RAAD!

MONEY? Yep, that is what it will take to find a cure for childhood cancer and ALZHEIMER'S disease.  Research is costly, but how do you put a dollar amount on SAVING SOMEONE's LIFE?  You can't!  But, I believe that we, the race fans, can make a huge contribution through our numbers alone!

You see, according to NASCAR... there are 75 million race fans in the USA alone!  Now, Bubba Bear needs your help in two ways!  First, make and fulfill a pledge to the RACC and RAAD campaigns... and secondly, tell a friend, family member, etc.   You know... SPEAD THE WORD! 

With 75 million race fans out there across the USA... if we only receive a ONE DOLLAR donation from each fan, we will make a substantial difference in the research of cures of ALZ'S and Childhood Cancer!

So, I ask of you these two things... MAKE A PLEDGE and... TELL A FRIEND about Bubba Bear's RACC and RAAD campaigns!

Together, we are saving lives around the world... YOUNG and OLD!

Coach Glanville - RACC and RAAD!

Doing a GREAT DEED, the former NFL Coach, Jerry Glanville has agreed to promote the RACE AGAINST CHILDHOOD CANCER and RACE AGAINST ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE on his #81 ARCA Series Dodge Intrepid.  Coach Glanville and GMI will donate space on the race cars to help create awareness of Bubba Bear's RACC and RAAD campaigns!

1:24 Scale - RACC # 81 Diecast BANK

Place your order today for the #81 RACE AGAINST CHILDHOOD CANCER 1:24 scale DIECAST BANK!  We are taking orders in advance of manufacturing this one of a kind collector's item!  ONLY 1081 RACC Banks will be sold... so order yours now!  RFI-Unlimited PRICE: $ 81.00

Proceeds benefit RACC and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!

(You will be notified of expected shipping date)

To place your order:  Send your CHECK or MONEY ORDER for 81 dollars to RACE FANS INC., 106 South 2nd Avenue, Mayodan, NC 27027.  Make payable to RACE AGAINST CHILDHOOD CANCER.  Please write on memo line: for #81 RACC Collector Bank